Thursday, 10 May 2012

Adrian Forrow

Artist: Adrian Forrow
Title: Few Of My Favourite Things
Medium: Ink and gouache on watercolour paper
Dimensions: 13” x 17”
Work is framed

Adrian Forrow was born and raised on the outskirts of Toronto. In His youth he filled endless sketchbooks with doodles of imaginary worlds he dreamt up. Now that he is grown, Adrian continues to fill endless sketchbooks for a living. His unique stylized imagery has sophisticated concepts as well as a amazingly wonderful graphic sensibility. His enthusiasm and hard work has enabled Adrian to produce a well rounded body of work that has allowed him to win professional awards, such as the prestigious American Illustration annual and the 2010 OCAD gold medal winner, as well as a exhibition in Los Angeles as of recent. When Adrian isn't working in the studio you can usually find him racing one of his bikes or cycle touring around.

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